Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back Home & Not so Anxious for the Next Trip

I got home last night from Virginia. Here's what finally happened....
On Saturday, Jenna tried flight after flight, both from the Norfolk Airport and from the Newport News airport. Flight after flight was full.
So at the end of Saturday night, she called to announce she was giving up and going home, and she asked me to come stay with her in Norfolk for a couple of days.
My family knows that going to Denver doesn't thrill me much- my brother is no longer there and it hurts me to face the fact. So going to Norfolk instead was a great alternative.
On Saturday morning, Gil was able to catch his flight to Denver- yay! Much easier for 1 non-rev to catch a plane than for 3 to do so.
And on Monday morning, I took myself to the airport and got on a plane.
Jenn picked me up and we went to AJ Gators to eat. Had a nice lunch then went to her apt. to move in my little suitcase full of stuff.
Took a little nap on the floor over there, and then we went out to eat (again) this time at a terrible Mexican food restaurant since the one we were hoping for was closed for renovations.
Next day, she and I went out to the fancy mall so I could buy some mascara and I bought her a couple of outfits.
That night I met Nico, the young man she's dating, and she cooked dinner for us both.
Oh, I was the dishwasher while I was staying there.
Then yesterday morning, she took me back to the airport where the 1st flight was full. My S2 status allowed me to make the 2nd flight out. In Atlanta, a thunderstorm forced our airplane to circle for 45 minutes until we were able to land.
I was home by 7:30 pm.
Slept like a baby last night.
It was a nice little visit with my daughter, just the right amount of time and the price was right.
Gil is still fishing in Colorado and is due home some time tomorrow (Friday).
It's hot and dreadfully humid here in Georgia. Nasty.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Oh, The Travails of Travel. Part Deux.

Today we're flying to Denver. OR ARE WE?
That's right, the planes are full again.
Last night at 10 p.m., there were 34 open seats, this morning at 5 a.m., there are more than 50 people overbooked on the flight.
Does a person just wake up in the middle of the night to decide "I have GOT to go to Denver tomorrow morning!"- is this what's happening? If it is, what a great way to live your life.
Me? I have to plan at least 2 days in advance before hopping on a plane to go somewhere. I like to line up a hotel and rental car, kind of scope out the attractions that the place has to offer, you know?
So now the plan is to go to the airport and hope for a flight later this morning. We have a BBQ out in Brighton CO to attend tonight.
Gil will be heading to the mountains for several days of fishing with his brother, Jenn & I plan to stay in a hotel in Westminster- somewhat centrally located in relation to various family members so we can slingshot out in all directions to visit. I do like to stay in a hotel rather than with family members.
So, we will leave for the airport shortly and begin the "gate shuffle" where we are prepared to move from gate to gate and hope to get on a flight.
But for all this complaining, remember this: WE FLY FOR FREE!

The lake at Washington Park in Denver

The difficulty comes in to this whole scenario because first our daughter flies in from Norfolk VA, we meet her at the airport here in Atlanta and we all then fly from here to Denver together. And now we're seeing that we can't get her on a plane from Norfolk.
It's 5pm, and our daughter had to go out to Newport News to try the airport there. At this point she just got the very last seat. So if this pans out, she will get here to Georgia tonight.
So Gil will drive up to the Atlanta Airport to bring her home tonight, and then we will go to the airport early tomorrow morning and start trying to get out on the 1st flight to Denver.
But still, as I said, WE FLY FOR FREE!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's too humid outside- I hate it.

I'm an outdoors lover. I like the feel of the sun on my skin. I like to listen to the birds. I like to wander my yard and look at the flowers, pull a few weeds, enjoy a light breeze.
A small slice of Heaven, in my world.
But here we are in middle Georgia, where the temperature is in the high 90's, and the humidity tries it's best to match that number.
By 10 am, it's difficult to be outside for long. It's just too stifling.
So, I have to return indoors and cool down and dry off.
And I look out my windows at the beautiful sunshine, and wish I could spend the entire day out there soaking it up.
Stupid Georgia summers.