Monday, December 19, 2011

Awful Day at Work. When Will I Learn to Cope?

Sometimes I just don't know what to do about my work life. I work hard, I really do. I rarely visit or chit-chat. I have something I need to accomplish, andI  hit the ground running, trying to do what I'm paid to do.
And I face so many stumbling blocks. Co-workers who won't show me where to find the answers I need to move forward, who won't assist when I run out of time. Who ask me to do them favors, but won't reciprocate when I need a favor.
There are approximately 50% of my coworkers with whom I work well. We understand each other and work to reach the same goals.
It's the other 50%. And I find that those of us who work well together agree on who our problem co-workers are.
So, why do these problem people affect me the way they do? Why do they hold the power over me, the ability to ruin a full day and make me want to quit my job?
Why can't I place the problem people on my mental float boat, and send them off toward the arctic in my mind?
I have to work on this. I can no longer allow the wrong people to dictate my day.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Winter in Middle Georgia

It's early December. And it's Saturday.
When I awoke this morning, I followed my usual routine. I fixed a cup of coffee, fed and watered the cat, then opened up the wooden front door so kitty and I could look outside. We have a good storm door so minimal cold comes in, but even if it wasn't a good door, I would open it anyway. I've always liked to be able to look out windows and doors.
What do I see? Brown...... brown everything.......brown everywhere.
It's winter. And not a thing is growing.
This is a hard time of year for me. I love warm breezes, the sound of wildlife and riotous colors. The sunshine and flowers.
Winter is part of God's design. I know it. I don't easily accept it. But there's a lesson in it, isn't there?
Rebirth, the return of life and hope.
I'll work to be thankful that the Lord has granted me this time and understanding and most of all, acceptance of His grace and love.
Even in this most dismal time of year. Perhaps He wishes me to take the time to turn toward Him by removing those beautiful scenes He grants to us in Spring and Summer.
There's a purpose to it all.
I understand, I think.