Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I still ain't even skeered!

I've been out of work for 2 and a half weeks now.
I have to back up and admit to some fear rearing its head in the first week without work. I know, I know, God's got my back but my stupid sinful self will get in the way.
I have had a couple of phone interviews, an in- person interview that went very poorly ( yeah, some age-ism and racism on that company's part) but God didn't want me at that job anyway. How do I know? Because I prayed on my way to the interview and told God that it was all in His hands and I would obey and accept His commands. No job at Title Max for me.....
So, today I went back up to Griffin to do the drug test for a job at 1st Franklin Financial.  The company also has to do a criminal background check on me. If I land this job, it will be a pay cut for me, but if this is a happy office and I can spend the next 3 years in a happy place, then God has certainly cared for me and shown me His love and care.
I give all the glory to Sovereign God!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Wow, what a relief! And I ain't even skeered!

I've been working at yet another newspaper for 6 years now. I sell advertising. Yeah. In 2014. For 2 weekly small-town newspapers. Yeah. So.
It's been a struggle since I walked in the door there.
The ad designer put me through the wringer from the beginning. Unfriendly, asking a million questions when the info was plainly there, calling me out in front of the other employees,  giving me wrong stuff and misspelling words purposefully. I had to ask the publisher to call a meeting to give us a pep talk, that all of us needed to work together to help each other to bring revenue in, in order to keep our jobs.
Then I continued to battle my way through each day there.
Sure, it got better. I was able to joke and laugh, but I don't think I ever fully trusted anyone except Angela- the ad designer who put me through hell at the beginning- and Pam, who does page layout and classified ads.
Recently, my disease has flared up and I've been super sick, but have managed to come in each day to do my job. It's been very hard, but I've managed. I even worked on Wednesday because Angela left us to return to school and we need all hands on deck to have 2 persons on staff on Wednesday. Mind you, I'm completely commission so this results in no extra pay for me, I'm just trying to do my share & to be a team player.
We have a writer there named Sherri. She's an extremely difficult coworker. A Wiccan with a hugely negative attitude, and a loud opinionated voice that drones on, given half a chance.
Yesterday, trying to get an answer for a customer on something I had forwarded to her- it was editorial- she yelled at me in front of the office.
I packed up my daily work stuff and left. I sent an email to most of the staff, telling them I feel devalued and embarrassed by that rude reaction. I think I finally reached my breaking point.
Laura did call me and I explained as best I could, in my emotional state, what happened & how I've spent all these years battling for revenue & for respect, and that I feel that I'm done.
She's asking me to give myself some breathing room and to think this over.
Gil, of course, is his usual supportive self. He seems to feel that I will go back to work there, but thinks I should take the entire week off to rest and regroup, and let the people at the Herald Gazette work on without me.
I wish to find another job, that's what I wish.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Empty Nest! Yeah!

 Due to increasing discontent in our home among all 3 of it's residents( the Mister, Yours Truly, and the Grown Son), said grown son found himself a place he can afford and flew the nest.
 It was way past time for this to happen. This house was like an armed camp. We were so disgusted with each other. Michael was critical of his Dad & I, and we returned the sentiment. This was not a home I wanted to return to each day after work. An all 'round bad situation.
 Michael has been out of the house for about 2 weeks now. We get along just fine with him. This is just what this family needed.
 Grown children really shouldn't live at home.

Monday, January 6, 2014

A new year!
It's 2014 and while I wish I had some new and interesting thoughts and ideas, I seem to be running on empty.
I had another run of illness recently. This one was triggered by... What else? THE JOB AGAIN. This time our local football team was poised at a run for State Champions in their division and so for 3 weeks running, I had to produce last minute "Go, Trojans!" pages. What a scramble that was.
Then Laura determined that the yearly Christmas & New Year's editions were not pulling in the revenue she wanted so I worked like a freakin fool to pull ads from... Who? This town is like a ghost town.
In the meantime, I have had zero feedback on my efforts.
I really thought that the Geiger's may have been concerned for their financial health, I was quite worried, but hey! All is fine!
They took a week vacation to Pasadena CA with their daughters so they could see the sights and go to the Rose Bowl Parade! Nice for them!
I think the reason I'm a bit unkind about this is because, in light of their vacation, my paycheck was just an "estimated" paycheck. They had a vacation to take after all. I estimate my check was about $300 short, and frankly, I'm not convinced that I will see that money on this week's check.
Also, for our Christmas party, we got to provide the food! What a wonderful thank you from a company that hasn't given it's employees raises in at least 10 years.
So while my disease went into total overdrive and I had to go on a course of steroids in order to cut the inflammation, I did provide my food donation, via Michael Slegl Delivery Service, and I'm afraid I missed the " Christmas Party".
Due to the steroids, I stopped sleeping for a period of time and went into a tailspin.
All this for money. Not even my money.....
So, 2013's ending & 2014's start were not what one hopes for. But once again, I've joined a gym, and am looking to get my health back. I've been faithful with gym attendance and that's my goal.
Of course my walk with God is the other big goal.
And let's do a quick count down, shall we?
I think I have to go to work about 620 more times.... Yay!
So, again, this is not a positive post, but it is a truthful post.
I pray for God's mercy while I live on this hard earth. After all, "this is not my home. I'm just passing through."