Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ready to fly! Dammit!

The husband and I are flying to Santa Fe for 4 days. Santa Fe is one of my favorite destinations. It has that quirky vibe and "live and let live" mentality that I love. Like Denver used to be, before it grew too big and filled up with transplanted Californians.
So, the husband works for Delta Airlines which means we fly FOR FREE! Can you imagine how great it is to fly FOR FREE? Yeah? Well guess what? It's even better than that.
BUT.... since the airline industry has had to cut back just like everyone else, Delta has cut the number of flights so the planes are flying full. And for us freebies, that means sometimes we don't get on the flight we'd hoped for.
And that happened this morning. At the last minute, our intended flight filled up, and we now have to wait 6 hours for the next flight to Albuquerque. No biggie, right?
Except, I'm ready to get out to "The City Different". I'm ready for fab Mexican food with green chile, margaritas, beer, Native American artwork, the sound of Spanish voices, and clear blue skies and dry air.
So right now I'm mentally adjusting to arriving in Santa Fe at night instead of in the early afternoon. I won't be going to the Flamenco Club for dinner and a drink while the dancers work their magic.
I will have to start my exploration of my favorite American city tomorrow morning instead of this afternoon.
But with the money we save on airfare, perhaps an Acoman pot for my fireplace mantle will make up for 6 lost hours in The City Different.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Search for inner peace

I have been on a search for as long as I can remember.
As a child, the chaos of my so-called family made me alternately lash out or curl up within myself.
As a teen, I honestly wondered if living was even worth the heartache it caused me.
As a young 20 something, I spent some time escaping reality, although I have always had a strong sense of self-preservation and did my best to be in control and to be safe.
Then along came my husband and children, who took me out of myself and gave me a purpose. Maybe that is what I was lacking the entire time- a way to get my mind off myself.
Now the kids are launched and again, I'm looking for the answer, the WHY? of my existence.
Now I go to church every Sunday morning if I can, and read a bit of the Bible every day and pray in the morning.
My prayer is clunky and not at all eloquent. After all, who can be good at something that's new to her?
But I hope God knows my intention, and I hope He cuts me some slack for at least trying.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


"Sister Wives". Although I have never seen the show, I think I understand the premise. So, if polygamy is illegal, why would this family invite a television crew in to film their story and show it to the masses on TV? Are they really surprised that they are having to move now because attention has been called to their lifestyle?

"Project Runway". Why is it that I decided when I was 15 that I would never sew my clothing out of chicken feed sacks ever again and that I would only own store bought clothes? And now that I see these designers making these fabulous one-of-a-kind and beautifully tailored clothes, I wish I could sew my own clothing again?

"Cops". Why do people take their drugs out for a ride in the car and risk getting caught and arrested for possession of narcotics? Keep your drugs at home. They don't really want to go for a ride in the car.

"Clean House". How on Earth does your house get into such a state? How can you not be terribly embarrassed to have the entire country looking at your mess? Why do you have such a hard time giving up crap you're not even using and that is in the way and is hampering your ability to use your house in an enjoyable manner?

"Braves baseball". How much chew can Chipper Jones fit into his mouth? Is his life insurance up to date? Has he made out his will?

So. This is what happens when I spend a day with the television on.

Friday, May 6, 2011

bin Laden is dead!

This week, that monster Osama bin Laden was located in Pakistan and killed when an elite team of Navy SEALS helicoptered in to his million dollar compound and killed him.
He was the mastermind of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in which over 3,000 Americans were murdered by a few of his radical extremist nutjob followers.
I like to think I'm a Christian woman. But I'm glad he's dead.
Apparently he was in the planning stages of an attack on the train system in America.
I know he has followers who will try to carry on his work, and wreak havoc on us and our way of life.
But I hope that we Americans stand together and stand strong.