Thursday, October 27, 2011

Family Drama, or, I'm Glad we Live 1,000 Miles Away

Every family has one high maintenance member, am I right? That member will usually be a needy female. Selfish, immature, a general pain in the rear end.
We have one. She is a user, and feels that the entire human race owes her. She won't hold down a job. She is always on the hunt for a man to support her and validate her. Once she lures one into her web, she treats him like dirt. He cannot escape quickly enough.
She has nearly bankrupted her parents. They have to pay her bills, rescue her from whatever state some man has abandoned her in. She is a nightmare.
She has recently destroyed her parents marriage. And she announced her intent to do so.
Her mother thinks this she-devil can do no wrong, so this monster knew exactly how to manipulate her mother so she could break up the marriage.
Why did she do it? Because her father told her he'd had enough of her foolishness and that the wallet was no longer available to her.
Rather than get off her 36 year old fanny to take on an adult role and learn to fend for herself, she told her mother some lies. She destroyed a nearly 40 year union.
Some people are  the devil incarnate. I don't know how this person lives with herself.
I feel anger and sorrow.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hurt Feelings

Today at work, my day started out well. I've been working hard, trying to meet my own personal goals. Again, selling ads in this economy is a challenge but I'm still attempting to do the best I can and not get frustrated.
I went for a walk on my lunchbreak and it was sunny and warm. There were some black clouds but I wasn't going far and thought I'd be Ok.
Suddenly, a storm arrived with 35mph winds. Totally unexpected.
I was caught at a local business and had to phone my job to ask if someone could come pick me up.
Well, you'd think I'd requested someone's kidney.
Certain coworkers find any type of deviation from their usual day to be either frightening or frustrating. So my little phone call asking for help was a problem.
As I was waiting, a citizen offered me a ride and I was on my way back to work within minutes.
Well, my job had sent a coworker after me but I was already gone. He had to come back and got a little bit wet.
I'm sorry.
I got a call to my desk telling me I owed the coworker who came after me a lunch. Really?
He drove the company car over. So he's not out gas money. He got a few minutes out of the office. A little 3 minute paid break, if you will.
I run errands for coworkers, take proofs over for other people. I use my own vehicle.
So the upshot of this experience was this: I have got to stop being so sensitive. My current place of employment is definitely not the place to be a sensitive person.
I've gotta toughen up, shrug these little moments off and continue to do my work.
And pray. I gotta pray.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Eye surgery for the daughter

In Virginia right now. Leaving my daughter's apartment in approximately 2 hours, taking her to Portsmouth so she can have PRK surgery to correct her nearsightedness.
It's quiet right now, she's laying on the sofa next to me, dozing. I don't think she slept well last night. She's very nervous.
I had Lasik surgery myself in 2000 to correct extreme nearsightedness. It was successful and I'm still thrilled with the results.
Doesn't mean a person won't worry that she will be the one in a million who will be the failure in the chair, and lose her sight permanently.....
Anyway, I'm happy I can be here to help her and baby her (as if she'll allow THAT!)
Pray for God to guide the surgeon's hand, please!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Chilly October morning

I flipped the themostat over to the "heat" function when I got up this morning. The temperature read 67  degrees. Too cold for me and as I was the first person out of bed, I felt entitled to warm up the house.
Yesterday, I removed the sleeveless shirts from my closet and put them into storage. Took out most pairs of shorts and stored them as well. I'll keep the workout shorts in place for a bit longer. I think we will warm back into the low 80's as the week progresses. However, I'll be in Norfolk, VA.
Time to study my Sunday School lesson so I have some idea what we're to discuss today.
Then perhaps a walk at the Gordon walking track this afternoon, once the chill outside burns off.
Should be a terrific day!