Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It Ain't Going So Well Lately

I'm overwhelmed.
Stressed, unhappy.
I am worried over things I cannot control.
The economy is in the crapper, which I can't do anything about, and yet I worry myself silly over it.
Crime, especially violent or senseless crime, is making me frantic.
I can't seem to sell any advertising. I'm down to 30% of what I was selling 3 years ago. That may seem like it's to be understood, considering all the closed businesses in this town, but that does nothing to make me feel any better.
My kids. My poor kids. What a terrible time for them to be young adults, trying to find their way in this world. They are having problems, human every day problems, and my heart aches for them.
I just opened the front door and my kitty scooted out. He's an indoor cat, why would he do that?
I've newly dedicated myself to God. I need to walk the walk now, and hand all this over and pray. Pray for His peace and comfort.

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