Monday, February 20, 2012

Catching up

The most important news is my faith. I jumped into reclaiming my relationship with the Lord in a big way. I have had a gaping hole in my soul. It was my craving to reclaim my faith.
I have a tremendous amount to learn. For those people raised in the church, I suppose you already know all the delights I'm just now uncovering. But this is quite obviously the path that the Lord has laid out for me. I'll just have to scramble to catch up to you.
I'm fitting in extra classes as they're available to me, having fellowship with the ladies in my church, reading The Bible every day over the year ( I have an accountability partner), taking a Saturday morning 6 weeks "Living Your Life as a Beautiful Offering" class, which is SO fulfilling, and praying and listening for God's instruction.
I have so far to go. And until death, I won't reach the finish line. I will make my journey and pray, pray, pray.

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