Sunday, July 8, 2012

Prague: Fun while Lost

Gil & I are home after our week in Prague. What a lovely city! The weather was perfect (for me, of course it was too warm for Gil) and our home base was adorable. The food was very good. The sights and sounds were all I could have hoped for. Here's the only downside: every time we left our holiday apartment, map in hand, we somehow got lost. With it's charming and picturesque cobblestone streets and sidewalks, and beckoning little alleyways chock full of shops and cafes, there lurks a subtle danger...... WHERE THE HECK ARE WE NOW? Even Gil with his stellar sense of direction, could never find his way unerringly. And we would get so tired sometimes, just hoping to get back to familiar territory. But there is an upside to getting lost. Discovery! There is always a surprise to be found. And we did find good food, in one case, and a luxury handbag store, on another day. All in all. A lovely trip. But as I always say: it's good to be back home!

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