Monday, January 6, 2014

A new year!
It's 2014 and while I wish I had some new and interesting thoughts and ideas, I seem to be running on empty.
I had another run of illness recently. This one was triggered by... What else? THE JOB AGAIN. This time our local football team was poised at a run for State Champions in their division and so for 3 weeks running, I had to produce last minute "Go, Trojans!" pages. What a scramble that was.
Then Laura determined that the yearly Christmas & New Year's editions were not pulling in the revenue she wanted so I worked like a freakin fool to pull ads from... Who? This town is like a ghost town.
In the meantime, I have had zero feedback on my efforts.
I really thought that the Geiger's may have been concerned for their financial health, I was quite worried, but hey! All is fine!
They took a week vacation to Pasadena CA with their daughters so they could see the sights and go to the Rose Bowl Parade! Nice for them!
I think the reason I'm a bit unkind about this is because, in light of their vacation, my paycheck was just an "estimated" paycheck. They had a vacation to take after all. I estimate my check was about $300 short, and frankly, I'm not convinced that I will see that money on this week's check.
Also, for our Christmas party, we got to provide the food! What a wonderful thank you from a company that hasn't given it's employees raises in at least 10 years.
So while my disease went into total overdrive and I had to go on a course of steroids in order to cut the inflammation, I did provide my food donation, via Michael Slegl Delivery Service, and I'm afraid I missed the " Christmas Party".
Due to the steroids, I stopped sleeping for a period of time and went into a tailspin.
All this for money. Not even my money.....
So, 2013's ending & 2014's start were not what one hopes for. But once again, I've joined a gym, and am looking to get my health back. I've been faithful with gym attendance and that's my goal.
Of course my walk with God is the other big goal.
And let's do a quick count down, shall we?
I think I have to go to work about 620 more times.... Yay!
So, again, this is not a positive post, but it is a truthful post.
I pray for God's mercy while I live on this hard earth. After all, "this is not my home. I'm just passing through."

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