Saturday, September 3, 2011

The positive, the negative

You know, life can be tough. Trying to keep control over life is impossible, unless one cuts people, places and things completely out. And we really can't do it so we let ourselves get mired down in the negatives. I've been doing what I can to keep my spirits up, a seemingly impossible task some days.
So let me remind myself of my blessings in life right now:
My new found faith in the Lord. It's a true comfort to me. I have a church family now, and am learning and growing in the Lord.
My darling dear husband. How did I get lucky like this? He's my best friend, he's my heart.
My son and my daughter. They are wonderful young adults. They aren't perfect, but who is? But these are a couple of decent people who will add to the world, and I'm tremendously proud of them both.
My little orange kitty. He's a blast. He makes me laugh and I like to wake up to him cuddled up next to me. I like to have him purring on my lap. He's a very cool cat.
My job. Well, okay, it's frustrating trying to do my job in this economic climate. It's very frustrating. But I have an income coming in and that's a good thing. I figure I have about 6 years of working left to go and I hope that my job lasts until retirement.
Delta Airlines- which is already ready when I am! Gil and I take our little trips- approximately one per month, and it seems to strengthen our bond. Travel together is such a treat for us.
So on the balance, these positive blessings outweigh the negative things that happen in life.
I'll reflect more on this list, and try to place the negatives aside, as best I can.

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