Thursday, October 27, 2011

Family Drama, or, I'm Glad we Live 1,000 Miles Away

Every family has one high maintenance member, am I right? That member will usually be a needy female. Selfish, immature, a general pain in the rear end.
We have one. She is a user, and feels that the entire human race owes her. She won't hold down a job. She is always on the hunt for a man to support her and validate her. Once she lures one into her web, she treats him like dirt. He cannot escape quickly enough.
She has nearly bankrupted her parents. They have to pay her bills, rescue her from whatever state some man has abandoned her in. She is a nightmare.
She has recently destroyed her parents marriage. And she announced her intent to do so.
Her mother thinks this she-devil can do no wrong, so this monster knew exactly how to manipulate her mother so she could break up the marriage.
Why did she do it? Because her father told her he'd had enough of her foolishness and that the wallet was no longer available to her.
Rather than get off her 36 year old fanny to take on an adult role and learn to fend for herself, she told her mother some lies. She destroyed a nearly 40 year union.
Some people are  the devil incarnate. I don't know how this person lives with herself.
I feel anger and sorrow.

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