Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ick, here comes the cold weather

The furnace how now been turned on. The closet has been emptied of my favorite clothes which have gone into storage, and the bulky cold weather clothing has been hung in their place.
The flip flops are put away. The socks are now being worn.
I know it has to come every year. I've been through enough of these season changes that I know this is coming.
But like everything else I don't enjoy, I know how to pretend it doesn't exist until I'm faced with it. Until I can no longer hide from it.
Here in middle Georgia we rarely see snow. So I don't have to contend with it any more. But I will still find something to dislike about winter.
And what I dislike is how the cold is painful to me.
Attitude check!
God created these seasons. There is a reason for them.
Accept and move on.

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