Monday, December 19, 2011

Awful Day at Work. When Will I Learn to Cope?

Sometimes I just don't know what to do about my work life. I work hard, I really do. I rarely visit or chit-chat. I have something I need to accomplish, andI  hit the ground running, trying to do what I'm paid to do.
And I face so many stumbling blocks. Co-workers who won't show me where to find the answers I need to move forward, who won't assist when I run out of time. Who ask me to do them favors, but won't reciprocate when I need a favor.
There are approximately 50% of my coworkers with whom I work well. We understand each other and work to reach the same goals.
It's the other 50%. And I find that those of us who work well together agree on who our problem co-workers are.
So, why do these problem people affect me the way they do? Why do they hold the power over me, the ability to ruin a full day and make me want to quit my job?
Why can't I place the problem people on my mental float boat, and send them off toward the arctic in my mind?
I have to work on this. I can no longer allow the wrong people to dictate my day.

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