Sunday, April 3, 2011

Job Market

My son is getting ready to start a driving job with a new company. This one does not have a terminal in Atlanta and so he seems a bit negative about it. Where will he park his rig when he comes in on home time? When will they assign his truck?
These seem like very small things. I told him that sometimes- and goodness knows I have had my fair share of jobs- the job that starts out looking like it will be the worst one, much to one's surprise, goes down in one's history as being a favorite job. I hope that will be true in this case, for my son.
My online friend D. began a new job too. She's been out of the job force for a period of time. The landing of a job has been a trial because as we all know, this period of time in this country is a particularly tough one for job hunters. But she found the type of medical front office job she has been looking for.
Then I saw  former coworker C. in church this morning. She has changed jobs again and is working at a social services department job in Williamson. This young lady can seem to land a job in a heartbeat, bad economy or no.
So the jobs are out there, they may not be the "job-dream-come-true" but the good news is, it's not as dire as the doomsayers would have us believe.
I have hope for our future.

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