Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ready to fly! Dammit!

The husband and I are flying to Santa Fe for 4 days. Santa Fe is one of my favorite destinations. It has that quirky vibe and "live and let live" mentality that I love. Like Denver used to be, before it grew too big and filled up with transplanted Californians.
So, the husband works for Delta Airlines which means we fly FOR FREE! Can you imagine how great it is to fly FOR FREE? Yeah? Well guess what? It's even better than that.
BUT.... since the airline industry has had to cut back just like everyone else, Delta has cut the number of flights so the planes are flying full. And for us freebies, that means sometimes we don't get on the flight we'd hoped for.
And that happened this morning. At the last minute, our intended flight filled up, and we now have to wait 6 hours for the next flight to Albuquerque. No biggie, right?
Except, I'm ready to get out to "The City Different". I'm ready for fab Mexican food with green chile, margaritas, beer, Native American artwork, the sound of Spanish voices, and clear blue skies and dry air.
So right now I'm mentally adjusting to arriving in Santa Fe at night instead of in the early afternoon. I won't be going to the Flamenco Club for dinner and a drink while the dancers work their magic.
I will have to start my exploration of my favorite American city tomorrow morning instead of this afternoon.
But with the money we save on airfare, perhaps an Acoman pot for my fireplace mantle will make up for 6 lost hours in The City Different.


  1. Santa Fe, to me, IS a dream.
    And the trip turned out to be better than I'd hoped.