Friday, August 23, 2013

Looking Toward the Future

So, it seems that my job is getting more difficult for me to perform. Am I getting older, therefore having trouble doing my tasks? Am I burning out?
Burn out seems the more likely answer.
I sell advertising in a hometown newspaper.
I keep hearing " I get zero response from advertising in your paper". Well......
I'm 58.5 years old. I have a chronic health condition. I have other interests I'd like to explore.
Hello! Judge Judy in the afternoon! Bike riding around town! Seeing other places in Georgia by car! Flying to other countries! Time to take an adult continuing education class at the local college!
Starting an online luxury goods business!
This cannot be how I will end my days, in a job I dread....
So, Gil stuck his head in my sitting room the other night and said to me, " I think you should retire at 62, start collecting your Social Security, enjoy the next 5 years while waiting for me to finish working, then we' re outta here."
I may only get up 840 more times to go in to a job I dread.
That "light at the end" seems a bit faint at this point. But I know it's out there.

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