Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Work is crap.

Sigh. My coworkers. What do I do? I can't kill them.
Here's my dilemma.
This project was for our local football team.
First and foremost, my job is to sell ads to bring in revenue. So I try to come up with projects that will generate interest for both the readership and the potential advertisers.
I initially was going to publish this project on Sept. 24, after the Buggy Days edition, but Walter decided that we should publish in time for the first home game on Sept. 30. Panic mode ensues....
I had to rush to produce this, and I mean REALLY rush. I lost sleep, I worried, I really physically tore myself up over this.
The week prior to publication, when I questioned the distribution at the first game, I begin running into problems. There's nobody to distribute it, there's no overrun ordered from the printer..... Etc, etc.
I cannot believe all this.....
I nearly walked off the job over this mess.
Our joke of an "office manager", who is totally ineffective, has her usual "well, I don't know" attitude about the entire matter. ( Rachel, my one & only work buddy there, asked me the other day, "Why do you even bother to ask her questions?". Good point......)
So, yesterday Gil helped me to get the papers delivered,  thank goodness, or I never would have managed.
Then I went back to the newspaper at 4:20 pm, where, all by myself, I took 100 newspapers apart so I would have the B section to take over to Shannon Jett from the Gridiron Club. She will have some helpers to pass out the section (again, Walter's idea) so that part of the job is handled, no thanks to anyone else there at that job.
Oh, while Missy was at the post office and Tasha was on the phone, the other line rang so I had to stop pulling papers apart so I could answer the phone. See, Sherri and Nolan apparently cannot be bothered.
All this brings me back to the day 2 years ago, I came back to work after knee surgery and Missy stood outside chatting to a passerby while I struggled with my crutches to load newspapers into my car..... I feel like that single act sums up this particular work environment in a nutshell.
So, as mentioned prior, I have 4.5 years to work. And I don't know if this is the place to do it since this is a collection of self-serving people.
I've asked God to give me an answer to this. However, I only asked Him once.
I need to pray for guidance over this daily. I need to then listen to Him.
Truth be told, I am probably asking God to find me another job and drop in right in my lap. He could certainly do it, but I don't feel this is what I should expect . Although, that would be really nice, God.... Just kidding. Sort of....
I know what to do. Quit fighting what I can't win. Ask God for His assistance and guidance. And be obedient to Him.
Y'all pray for me too, please?

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