Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another year older.....

And...... now it's my birthday. I'm strangely disconnected from that fact right now.
Thinking about what I need to do at work, and how to best accomplish my goals there.
So, no time to freak out.
I think the weather will at least be cooperative today. I will be in & out of my car many times in the course of my workday, and I can at least pop out into sunshine. This always makes me happy.
I have a very kind and sweet husband.
Later this week, my trucker son will be home and I can see him for a few days.
Next week, my Navy daughter will return from her 6 months deployment.
And the week after that she & I will fly to the U.S. Virgin Islands for 4 days of R&R, just us two.
I think my life is one long celebration, don't you?
Looka here- I just talked (typed) myself into a little celebratory mood.

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