Saturday, February 12, 2011

Selling advertising in 2011

And not just any advertising..... PRINT advertising.
Can you begin to wrap your head around this?
I'm of two minds. I am relatively good at it, I don't know why. I suspect I gain trust with my clients because I truly want to do what is best for their business. I won't try to sell ad space to them solely to pad my paycheck. My conscience simply won't allow it. So I do this job since I can, and since my job is close to home. I'm there less than 5 minutes after I pull my car out of the garage.
There is a certain amount of freedom open to me as an outside sales rep. Getting too tense at work? Oh, I have to go see Melanie, I haven't stopped in to see her in a while- I'll be back.
That's a lifesaver.
There are no other jobs out there. I'm serious. Nothing that will pay worth a darn anyway. So, I have a job that pays a decent wage.
I have 6 years and 2 months left until I can draw retirement at the earliest age. And I think I will probably go ahead and begin to pull the social security then.
All I have to do is wake up approximately 18,050 more times and get dressed and drive on in to work, and then I'm free.

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