Monday, February 28, 2011

Tribulations of my friend- how to fix this?

My very dear friend J. is a stay-at-home-mom. This has been what she's wanted all her life.
She married a very kind man, had 2 adorable sons, has a lovely house in a nice neighborhood. Everything she'd dreamed of in life.
And it's gone horribly awry.
Her husband went to Iraq to serve our country. He was injured while there and he's probably seen and maybe participated in some actions that would be incomprehensible to us. (War is hell, I have no problem with what may have been done. Goodness knows, some terrorists have no problems beheading Americans on camera.)
But, he's no longer the man she married. Through a combination of factors, he is closed off and inaccessible to her and the boys. He has health problems and may not be taking the right tack toward addressing them.
Her boys are at a critical age, an age when they could use their Daddy's influence, and J. could use her husband to help her present a united front when disciplining 2 young sons.
And recently her husband lost his job. I won't go into too many details about this part of the story except to say he performs a job that is dwindling in our workforce. In other words, there aren't really many options for him if he wants to do the exact same job.
My friend J. never envisioned her life turning out this way.
We all run into hard times on the road of life, but this seems excessive, this run of bad luck.
I would wave a wand and fix all this if I could.
All I can do is be here for her and listen. And pray.

UPDATE: J.'s husband has landed a job. My hope is that it is everything he hopes for in a job. Does anyone get a great job anymore? Anyway.... congrats to the family and all my well wishes for your family!

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