Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Daughter has returned

My daughter joined the Navy 3 years ago, just before her 21st birthday. Her Dad & I were quite thrilled, since we raised our children to leave us.
She has seen so many things, been so many places, had so many adventures. Beats her staying here in town, marrying too young, having children then ending up divorced and living at home with us again.
She just returned from her 2nd deployment. We flew up to greet her ship as it came in.
So, here's the problem:
Since my expectations were so high, I could only be disappointed with the homecoming. She has been obnoxious, and abrasive since her return.
She went out with her gays the night before we were to catch a plane back to Georgia, made a terrible drunk mess out of herself, and we had to try to locate her to bring her back to her apartment to clean up and get to the airport. We missed the flight we wanted to catch but did catch the next one.
So, there you have it.
This is what happens when expectations are too high. One can only be disappointed.
Tomorrow the daughter and I fly off to St. Thomas for 4 days of sun and sand.
No expectations on my part.
Perhaps this will be restful and fun.

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  1. Well, one day she will have kids of her own..... : )

    Need I say more?