Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Betty White!

Since my blog is titled "Half a Century Already...", it seems only fitting to wish Betty White " ¡Feliz cumpleaños!" today. It's her 89th birthday.
And don't you wish you know how I got those upside down exclamation points in there? Not to mention the squiggle over the "n"?
Well I'm not telling.....
Anyway, Betty White gives me great hope for the future.
The woman is bright, vibrant, funny, seems healthy and happy. This is what 89 should look like, am I right?
Not like some broke down old woman, just waiting to die.
I'm going to name Betty White as my role model today. I want to be spunky and adorable like she is, and I want people to be happy and excited to see me when I'm her age.
Happy birthday, Ms. Betty!
And many more......

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  1. Oh I love Betty White too.....loved her as Rose on The Golden Girls, and I remember her sassy character as Sue Ann Niven on the Mary Tyler Moore Show too. She's a hottie!!!!