Thursday, January 20, 2011

My cold

I came home early yesterday because I was tired and just didn't feel well.
Next thing I know, my throat is super sore and my head is aching. I went to bed early.
Today, I have a full blown cold.
You know how sometimes you wish you could get a cold so you could take a day off work? And then you catch one and you're totally miserable?
That's me and then some.
I live daily with a rather serious medical condition. I had knee surgery in October and went back to work one week after the surgery. On crutches and with a knee the size of a football, but I was back to work.
I consider myself a pretty tough old broad. But this cold is about to make me teary-eyed.
I want to go to sleep and not awaken until I'm well again.
Where's my blankie?

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